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Sexual Tantra- the Shadows and the Light

What’s your reaction when you hear the word Tantra? Often when I tell people I’m a Tantra teacher I get immediately judged and feel people physically pulling away from me. I used to think that was because the whole “sex thing” taints the picture. But actually it’s because everyone knows [...]

Strength in Numbers- the Power of Shakti

The first time I went to a women’s group was hell for me. I was in India at the time, immersed in a month long yoga program, and we were invited to a women’s group as an additional activity, hosted by one of our teachers. I thought it would be fun, we’d [...]

A more youthful, vibrant, sexy, confident YOU

A more youthful, vibrant, sexy, confident YOU takes just a few minutes each morning I’m going to share a little secret. There’s these little things I practice every morning that bring radiance into my life. They make me shine, they make me more attractive, they make me happier, increase my [...]

The Art of Self-Pleasure

A “functional wank” or an evening of bliss all to yourself? For me, for years, I would masturbate to get to sleep. I would have a quick clitoral orgasm, discharge the energy that “needed releasing” and then crash out. I used to call it a “functional wank”. It was a [...]

Yoni Massage

I’ll never forget my first Yoni Massage. At the time I was living in a Tantric community in Thailand, and I’d been there for around 6 months- I was a slow starter when it came to Tantra - these days I just dive right into the action! I’d heard about [...]

Shortcut to self-love in 7 easy steps

Fall in love with the most important person in the world….you! Are you looking to attract the perfect partner? Do you suffer with insecurity or fear of rejection? What’s holding you back? For most of us this stems down to one simple fact- we don’t love ourselves enough! The laws [...]

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