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A more youthful, vibrant, sexy, confident YOU takes just a few minutes each morning I’m going to share a little secret. There’s these little things I practice every morning that bring radiance into my life. They make me shine, they make me more attractive, they make me happier, increase my self-worth and believe it or not they improve the quality of my orgasms. And the whole process takes just a few minutes!

They’ve all been practiced for centuries in Yoga & Ayurveda: Tongue scraping- first thing in the morning (before drinking anything), use either a special tongue scraper or the back of a spoon and scrape off the gross white coating on your tongue that has appeared overnight. Oil pulling- using a good quality oil (sesame or coconut works well), take a swig and swish it around your mouth for up to 20 minutes (I do this in the shower to save time). Spit it out afterwards (best into the trash so the oil doesn’t clog up your pipes as it solidifies).

Eye washing- using either an eye cup or the palm of your hand, bathe each eye in cold water. Neti- using a neti pot, cleanse the nostrils with luke warm salted water (use good quality rock or sea salt, and make sure you don’t go straight outside afterwards if you’re in a cold climate).

All these techniques help to pull out toxins from the body and leave you feeling fresh and revitalised. This little morning ritual has changed my life, and here’s why- according to Yoga, our physical body, our energy (prana), emotions and mind are all connected. So when we clean our physical body this actually affects our energy, emotions and our thoughts.

So yes, when I pull out toxins by swishing oil around my mouth or scraping my tongue, it’s also the black moods and negative thoughts I’m removing as well. These tricks give me a youthful, radiant complexion. But because this is working on a deeper level, it’s an inner, joyful radiance that you can’t get from cosmetics (and ladies, ask any man what they are attracted to in a woman- it’s radiance- and it doesn’t come in a bottle!)

After my morning cleanses, I can feel my energy more clearly; everything becomes more sharp and clean. Which is great for my yoga practice. Which in turn is great for my meditation (my mind is clearer, my brain isn’t foggy). But best of all, when I feel my energy and my mind is clear, my orgasms are more intense- I’m more in tune with my pleasure and all the sensations in my entire being. And when I’m more in tune with my pleasure and my energy, it’s easier to prolong it, and enjoy multiple orgasms- because I have more awareness. And where the mind goes, energy flows….

What’s even more cool is that these practices amplify your wellbeing- when you look after yourself like this, you’re putting it out there (to yourself and the Universe) that you care about yourself, and you’re worthy of love. This in turn can attract the flow of love and abundance into your life.

And if you need any more convincing to try this out, I’ll share my big anti-ageing secret right now- I’ve lost all my wrinkles, and look at least 7 years younger, through a combination of these purification practices, alongside yoga and Tantric lovemaking! Disclaimer- I’m not a doctor- so I’m not going to give you scientific facts and figures here- but I’m a Tantric yogini and I’ve lived and breathed this stuff for years and know from my own experience how awesome it is!

There are other cleansing techniques, in fact it’s a whole yogic system- the Shatkarma Kriyas- there’s over 30 in total. Some are super easy and quick, and others are seriously hardcore. All have amazing effects. If you’d like to know more, come join me in Melbourne on 15 August for a one day immersion workshop, hosted by The Awaken Series.

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