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Tantric Yoni Massage- what’s it all about?

I’ll never forget my first Yoni Massage. At the time I was living in a Tantric community in Thailand, and I’d been there for around 6 months- I was a slow starter when it came to Tantra – these days I just dive right into the action! I’d heard about all the different types of orgasm and was more than a little curious. When I found out one of the girls in my yoga class was a practitioner, I decided to give it a go. Until that point, I’d only heard of male practitioners, and I certainly didn’t feel comfortable asking for a massage with any of the guys I knew of.

So I went to her house one morning, full of anticipation. She had a very soft, sweet energy and managed to immediately put me at ease. We started with a meditation, and then she gave me a sensual full body massage. When she felt I was ready, and with my permission, she started to massage the area of my yoni- all around the outside, the lips, clitoris, and only when I was really open and aroused (and consensual!) she moved her fingers inside. I’ll never forget feeling the energy moving throughout my whole system, it was incredible. There were definitely some areas that were numb, and some areas where the pressure felt uncomfortable. She explained that just as our muscles in our shoulders or legs hold tension, we also hold tension deep inside our vaginas.

She helped me to spread the pleasure and energy, so it wasn’t just focused in the area of my clitoris, but I began to experience something much more deep and profound. My face was tingling, and my hands and fingers were numb. I felt really high and later learned this was because of the energy moving to the higher chakras.

I remember clearly at the end of the experience thinking how it should feel weird to be paying a girl in my yoga class to finger me (!), but that it actually just felt very empowering and liberating. She gave me the advice (which was so true) that I could easily orgasm from the clitoris, but I needed to focus on taking the pleasure deeper, and to get my partner to help me with that. When I got home and my boyfriend came over, I had to make love with him right away, and from that moment I began to explore the mysteries of the deeper, more profound g-spot and cervical orgasms.

Over the next few years I received many more massages. I started to receive treatments from men, to experience the difference in the masculine and feminine approaches. I began to model for the practitioners when they were training other people. I found this to be one of the most liberating things in my life- try relaxing enough not just being comfortable being naked, but being fully multiply orgasmic in front of one or more people! The most people I modeled for was a group of 30! This helped me to become very sexually open, and really shifted my attitudes towards guilt and shame around my sexuality that I’d held since a teenager. Receiving Yoni Massages made some very profound shifts in my femininity as I harnessed my orgasmic potential.

Through my work and experience I found more and more women were turning to me for advice, and I decided to train up as a practitioner. I’ve learned something from everyone I’ve ever received from, or modeled for, as well as the people I trained with, and practiced on. It’s so beautiful to be able to help a woman to open sexually, to hold that space for her, as she starts to connect with her true authentic sexual power. I love witnessing the transformations in women, as they become more in tune with their bodies and in particular their yonis. I feel blessed to witness their emotional releases as they release deeply held “stuff” (particularly around the cervix). I honour the joy as they let go of their past and their pain, healing their female ancestral lineage as they heal themselves.

It’s a profound practice and an honour to provide this work. If you’re interested in receiving a massage, ask around in your Tantric community or get a recommendation from a friend. I would particularly recommend that your first time should be with a female practitioner- it definitely helped me relax. Talk to your practitioner at the beginning of the session and make sure you are completely comfortable with the situation before you proceed.

Always trust your intuition, and remember that a massage session with a male practitioner should never ever EVER include penetration, no matter how much you may yearn for it in the heat of the moment. Make a date with him in a week’s time if you must, and give yourself a cooling off period. Having a Yoni Massage is a gift of self love, one where you just get to receive, without any pressure to perform. It can be intense, pleasurable, painful and emotional, sometimes all at once!

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